But Will You?

Opportunities always exist in life.  However, contrary to the beliefs of people on both sides of this argument, you may, or may not take advantage of them.

For sure, if you do nothing, then you will fail.  In fact, even if you work really hard, you could fail, but you will have to work hard to succeed in any case.  The odds against you are stacked high, it will never be ‘easy’ but it is possible.

I listened to an argument by a fairly famous Internet Marketer, he basically said that there are no excuses; “no time” is not an acceptable excuse.  He said that if your sleep suffers – perhaps because you have a long day at work, then tough, ‘suck it up’ [sic].

This is stupid and in some cases downright dangerous.  If you literally have no food to eat, or a place to sleep, then yes, you might need to do something pretty drastic, but for anyone in a job already, then this is exceedingly poor advice.

Making money online is supposed to make life better for you – not give you a heart attack!  You cannot spend it, or enjoy spending it if you are either dead or in hospital.  You have to find balance.  If IM (Internet Marketing) isn’t working for you, then maybe it is not what you should be doing?  Most people in IM are A type, entrepreneurs – they can’t easily let go, but sometimes, you must.  Of course, only you will know if this is the correct course of action ;-)

Opportunity comes along, it is famously said, in overalls; not a nice sharp suit and this is perfectly true.  What you don’t hear the gurus tell you, because they have something to sell and this element might prevent you from buying it, is… LUCK!  Yep, sorry.  You might have simply HAD to be somewhere else just when that all-important phone call came, or got held up on the M25 (in Britain, we call this ring-road around London “The World’s Biggest Car Park”).

This site will be changing it’s format soon, so this page will probably will disappear and be replaced by something else.  You might do well to keep an eye on it…

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